Buying a Second Hand Boat – Here’s what to Look out for

27 Jun

Bayliner 2855No matter whether you’re buying a new or a used boat there are probably a few things that you need to consider before doing so. From the purchase, to maintenance, to life with a boat – there are a number of things that need to be considered beforehand. So, let’s take a closer examination.

Buying Tips

When buying a boat there are a number of things that need to be considered. Boats can be subjected to all sorts of problems and it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for problems. Fibreglass cracks are a big problem if they are over 2 inches or so. This is often the sign of a boat that’s been in a collision. Gel coat patches are also worth looking out for, as these are also a sign of problems.

Flexing or cracking, as well as moisture in fibreglass can cause problems too and indicate rot or break down of fibreglass. Loose seats inside are also a sign of problems as can mildew – as this often is a sign the boat hasn’t been cared for. In addition, this can be a signifier there are problems underneath the boat and in the wooden part of the boat. This is because of the quick spreading of mould spores.


Electronics can be low cost problems to fix, however they can also cost more extensive amounts of money too. Burned out bulbs or seized bilge pumps can be sorted with a trip to your chandler, however if multiple devices are fried, this is often a bad sign. Check to see if it’s a case of faulty wiring, or if there are problems with the engine or wiring insulation – the former are more serious problems.


Belts need to be changed after around 80-100 hours of boating time and if the alternator or the power steering belts tend to be worn, or cracked they need to be changed. Changing damaged belts isn’t a problem; however it does signify lax care and attention towards the boat and should certainly be noted. Stainless Direct have a whole host of marine and chandlery gear for anyone needing to make repairs to their boat.
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19 May

SamarSamar is one of the most luxury and most comfortable super-yachts operating nowadays. The vessel is available for charter and offers really top-quality service and high-class of interior. The yacht Samar has overall length of 77.00 m, moulded beam of 12.80 m and maximum summer draft of 3.80 m. With such dimensions the yacht has total capacity for 12 guests, divided into 5 double cabins and 2 twins. The deadweight of the yacht Samar is 317 DWT and the gross tonnage is 2,159 GRT. The luxury yacht offers a lot of opportunities for water sports, diving and entertainments. The guests of the super-yacht Samar can enjoy large public spaces and great bar on board, but also can enjoy the great places for sunbathing on board. The yacht offers really great restaurant and wonderful meeting room, where can handle your seminars, trainings or business conferences. The aft open-air bar is open for the guests on board and will give you the pleasure from the sea breeze during cruise. Samar is one of the most safety and most luxury yachts of the world, as its design and interior are unique, providing high comfortability for the guests.
On the upper deck of the super-yacht Samar there is an impressive business and entertaining suite with a dramatic oval office, conference room, adjacent dining saloon and cinema. Also the guests can use the fitness hall, gym and cinema. You will be impressed by the beauty and the great style of the lavish designed yacht and will love it from the first sight.
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How to Secure your Boat when Docking

29 Apr

seaIf you go boating, then you need to understand that learning how to tie up the yacht or boat is an essential. An unsecured boat can rock back and forth and in doing so cause damage to other boats and also to itself.

Depending on the waves or the current the boat could even drift away, so tying up is essential and is a skill that needs to be learned to protect your boat and also lower your chances of damaging items you don’t own.


There are a number of methods that can be used to tie up a boat and whether you do so with a simple rope or the latest technology, you should understand what you’re going to do before you take the boat out.


Prepare the proper line – different lines are used for different movements. For instance, stern lines are used to secure the stern and spring lines to control movement fore and aft. The fender ties up the boat to the fenders, and the correct bow and dock ties to fit the type of dock you will be using. If you’re looking for products – provides a wide range of great boating and chandlery options.
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Oxyzen yacht

21 Aug

OxyzenOxyzen is high speed and really beautiful newly built super-yacht, which will give you a great pleasure from your cruise. the yacht is created as a race boat, but really has all the comfort, which you may need for your vacation on board. Oxyzen was built and launched in 2007 by the Italian shipyard AB Yachts, as the hull and superstructure are made from GRP for decreasing the own weight and allowing high speed. The super-yacht Oxyzen has overall length of 42.67 m, while the moulded beam is 8.00 m. The yacht has gross tonnage of 274 GRT at maximum draft of 1.35 m. Such dimensions are giving large living area and really a lot of public spaces. The capacity for the yacht is for 8 passengers divided into 4 double suites. All the staterooms are with unique interior, own bathroom, satellite TV, SATCOM and WiFi internet. The guests can enjoy the great ocean view from their rooms, but also have everything they need for their comfortable cruise. The super-yacht Oxyzen offers great aft bar, next to the sea where you can enjoy the good summer weather and the cooling breeze. The guests can practice water sports, diving, fishing, kayaking, snorkelling and sunbathing. Also there is a fitness hall and beauty salon, which will help you to care about your vision and body during your vacation.
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Ocean Pearl

18 Aug

Ocean PearlOcean Pearl is a futuristic yacht with great design, wonderful characteristics and really comfortable interior. The yacht offers top quality private cruises and impress with luxury, large space, many entertainments and really impressive design. Built in 2010 by Italian shipyard Rodriguez Yachts, Ocean Pearl features a great striking interior by the famed Norman Foster. The luxury super-yacht has overall length of 41.00 m and moulded beam of 8.40 m. The length on waterline is 35.00 m and the maximum summer draft is 2.30 m. Ocean Pearl has 4 passenger decks, capacity for 12 guests in two double cabins from top class quality. The rooms have great ocean view, with own bathrooms Satellite TV and WiFi internet access. You will enjoy the comfortable design of the rooms, which have large living area and really a lot of extras, such as sofa, comfortable beds and LCD TVs. Ocean Pearl was designed with a focus on family life, which makes it perfect for family charters. The yacht has up to 30 percent more exterior and interior space than any other yacht in the class, a lot of attractions and great place for sunbathing.
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Super-yacht O’Rama

14 Aug

O RamaThe super-yacht O’Rama is large and spaceful vessel, built in 2010 by Golden Yachts with comfortable design for one luxury vacation. The yacht has large living area and a lot of attractions for the guests. The overall length of the super-yacht O’Rama is 53.54 m, the moulded beam is 9.20 m and the maximum summer draft is 2.80 m. The gross tonnage of the yacht is 629 GRT, which gives capacity for 14 passengers. The yacht has 7 double cabins for the guests from 3 different classes – Owner’s Suite, VIP Suite and Luxury cabin. All the guests staterooms are with balconies and wonderful ocean-view. The owner’s and VIP suites are with larger living area and unique interior design, having all the extras which you may need. The yacht has 11 crew members, who will serve you during your cruising, making your vacation remarkable and really beautiful. The hull of O’Rama is made by steel, while the superstructure is aluminum. Such strong construction gives the yacht reliability and makes it proper for long distant cruises.
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Baia Onda 63

08 Aug

Baia Onda 63The sport yacht Baia Onda 63 is one of the most aggressive yachts, which are available in serial production. The company is specialized in designing fast and aggressive designed boats, which are usually used for races. And it is easy to understand that Baia Onda 63 has sportage design and really high power of the main engine. The overall length of Baia Onda 63 is 19.85 m, the moulded beam is 5.25 and the summer draft is 1.12 m. The deadmweight of the motor yacht is 18.25 DWT and the depth of the board is 2.70 m. the yacht is large and has capacity for 16 people on board, but during berth. However on board there are 4 cabins, which give large living area and really comfortable furniture, which will make your vacation exciting and unforgetable. The cabins offer capacity for 12 passengers during the cruise and yacht has improved independence for 2000 nautical miles, so you can make quite long distant cruises and voyages.
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Atlantis 34

04 Aug

Atlantis 34The yacht Atlantis 34 is small, but comfortable and really aggressive in design and engineering. The motorboat is designed to give you pleasure of the sea-sports, but also is proper for short distances travel and coastal cruises. The overall length of the motor yacht Atlantis 34 is 10.25 m, while the moulded beam is 3.50 m. The yacht has one cabin, which has own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom with enough space for 4 people during cruise. Also there is open flybridge for navigation, which is equipped with everything which you may need for easy maneuvering and voyages. Atlantis 34 is small, but really comfortable, as the guests have a lot of sunbathing places, comfortable furniture on the aft part on the main deck. The guests will be able to practice water sports, fishing or diving in really luxury accommodation and many extras all around. Also the yacht is proper for parties, as it is equipped with great sound systems and DVD.
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Hatteras 100CMY

29 Jul

Hatteras 100CMYThe yacht Hatteras 100CMY is luxury, economy, environmental and definitely comfortable for the guests on board. The yacht is impressive and offer a lot of public areas, spaces for entertainments and privacy. The overall length of the yacht Hatteras 100CMY is 30.61 m, the moulded beam is 6.82 m and the maximum summer draft is 1.90 m. The large dimensions are forming and creating one really large private resort inside, having 4 staterooms for the owner and the guests. The maximum capacity of the yacht is 8 persons, who will be served by 5 crew members. The yacht has outside bar on the aft deck, where is located also the luxury restaurant and lobby bar. The upped deck has sunbathing spaces and jacuzzi, where you can enjoy the nice weather and the hot summer days. The yacht has really great great interior, which will make your vacation remarkable and will give you the full comfort you need from a luxury resort. The hull of the yacht Hatteras 100CMY is made by fiberglass and has really good seaworthiness and aggressive design.
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Benetti Crystal 140

25 Jul

Benetti Crystal 140The luxury yacht Benetti Crystal 140 is one of the largest and most attractive vessels, built in the Italian yacht-yard with oldest traditions in yacht-building. The yacht is large spaceful, luxury and really reliable for private cruises. Benetti Crystal 140 has overall length of 41.93 m, moulded beam of 9.05 m and maximum summer draft of 2.28 m. The vessel has full displacement of 378 metric tons and range of operation for 4000 nautical miles. The yacht is proper for long distant cruises and coastal cruises, providing the necessary comfortability of the guests, great entertainments and really large public areas. The guests will enjoy the luxury restaurant, aft deck lobby bar, flybridge and really great abilities for sunbathing and water sports. The aft deck platform makes the yacht proper for diving. The aft upper deck is equipped with jacuzzi and sunbathing spaces. The restaurant and lobby offer wonderful seaview and open air spaces. All these extras will make your cruise remarkable and unforgetable.
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