Super-yacht Dubai

22 May

Yacht DubaiSuper-yacht Dubai is one of the largest and most luxury private vessels in the world. This is third world’s largest yacht by length, which has amazing exterior and interior design. The overall length of Dubai yacht is 162.00 m, the moulded beam is 22.40 m, the depth is 9.20 m and the maximum summer draft is 5.00 m. With such dimensions the yacht has capacity for 24 passengers into the luxury accommodations, each with own bathroom, balcony and all the necessary furniture for nice cruise. The deadweight of the super-yacht is 9,150 DWT and the gross tonnage is 13,470 GRT. Dubai yacht has 12 staterooms for the guests, large restaurant, cinema, fitness gym and conference room. The super-yacht is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and governor of Emirate of Dubai. The yacht has two outside pools and open=air bar for night parties. The guests can board the yacht to some of the both helicopter caps, by small motor-boats or even by submarine. The super-yacht Dubai is one of the most secured yachts in the world, having steel superstructure and armed windows.
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Luxury sailing yachts for charter in 2015

15 Jan

AthenaThe summer is coming and yacht charter is one of the best option to make your vacation exciting and remarkable. Motor yachts are luxury and offer great comfort, but the sailing yachts will show you the real beauty of maritime and cruising. Today we will present you the most luxury and beautiful sailing yachts available for charter in 2015.
Athena is the longest sailing yacht in the world available for charter. three-masted schooner has length of 90.00 m long ans has five bedrooms, numerous water toys and 20 crew members. The price for charter of the sailing yacht Athena is 450 000 USD per week.
Cavallo is 43.00 m long sailing yacht, which is currently in the Caribbean as part of a world tour. The yacht has capacity for 10 passengers and a top speed of 15 knots. Its price is 115 000 USD per week and is available from Ocean Indepence.
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Most luxury motor yachts for charter in 2015

09 Jan

SolangeToday we will present you a list of the most luxury yachts available for charter. They will make your vacation really exciting and will care for your nice time during a nice cruises in some of the most romantic seas and oceans.
Solange is 85.00 m long yacht, which is one of the most luxurious on the market. It is available from various number of brokers, and the price starts at 1 million USD per week. For guests cares 30 crew members, while the facilities on board include a floating dance floor Perspex, fully certified shop for diving equipment and PADI cinema. Yacht Solange is sailing in the Caribbean Sea and USA.
Moonraker is 50.00 m long brand new yacht and free this season to rent in the area of the Bahamas. It is designed for passengers who enjoy social life. Facilities include a constant temperature room for storing cigars, refrigerated display shelves for wines and wine, jacuzzi, bar and nice places to eat. For its modern interior are used over 250 fabrics and exquisite materials such as mother of pearl and leather. The prices to charter Moonraker luxury yacht start from 217,000 USD per week.
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Luxury yacht Ileria

14 Dec

Ileria yachtThe luxury yacht Ileria was built by Turkish shipyard Proteksan Turquoise in 2013. The yacht is luxury, comfortable and really beautiful in design. The overall length of the super-yacht is 50.50 m, moulded beam is 9.30 m and the maximum draft is 3.10 m. With such dimensions the gross tonnage of Ileria is 707 GRT and the deadweight if 200 DWT. The yacht’s hull is made by steel, while the super structure is made by aluminium. The luxury yacht Ileria has 7 cabins, fully furnished with all the necessary extras and own bathrooms, which can accommodate maximum 14 passengers. The yacht has own restaurant and conference room, which make it suitable for conferences and meetings. The luxury yacht Ileria was built in Turkey, which seriously drops its price without losing from quality. The builder implemented the latest yacht building technologies and marine engineering to make it more comfortable and safer for the guests.
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Velvet 36 Italian luxury yacht

03 Dec

Velvet 36 yachtVelvet 36 is really luxury and beautiful yacht, which was built by Tecnomar in their Italian yacht yard. The vessel has beautiful architecture, which is designed with hydro- and aero-dynamical shape for lower resistance. This helps the yacht to reach higher speed and to have really great dynamic charactertistics. The overall length of the yacht Velvet 36 is 36.50 m, the moulded beam is 7.10 m and the maximum draft is 2.00 m. The yacht’s hull and super structure are made by aluminium. The interior and exterior designs are made by Tecnoma, using the latest standards and trends in furnishing. The yacht has 4 staterooms for the guests with maximum capacity for 8 passengers. Also on board the guests can enjoy a small home cinema, conference room and fitness hall. There is option for dining outside in the aft part of the main deck with great view to the sea. The guests can spend amazing holiday on board, as they can find all the necessary equipment for fishing, sunbathing, water sports and diving.
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Sunseeker 35 Portofino small yacht

29 Oct

Sunseeker 35 PortofinoSunseeker 35 Portofino is small, but really comfortable and cozy yacht, which was overall length of 11.46 m, moublded beam of 3.45 m and maximum summer draft of 1.05 m. The yacht is beautiful and designed to be comfortable for short cruises and coastal vacations. The bridge is open and the navigation is easy, due to the most modern equipment on board. Inside there are two cabins with a kitchen and small salon. Definitely the yacht has capacity for 6 people at maximum, but really will give you the pleasure you expect from a private cruise. You can enjoy nice coastal cruise, as due to the low draft the yacht practically can reach most beautiful bays and to show you the amazing nature views. On board there is autopilot Simrad AP20 and GPS plotter Furuno Navnet, which ensure easy navigation and comfortable voyages. The radar Furuno and the depth finder Simrad 1512, which will prevent the yacht from damages in shoal waters. Also the yacht Sunseeker 35 Portofino has equipment for water sports and diving to give the full pleasure for the guests.
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Ocean Emerald

27 Oct

Ocean EmeraldThe super-yacht Ocean Emerald has futuristic design and really high reliable engineering. The yacht was built in Italian yacht-yard of Rodriquez Pietra Ligure in 2009, with impressive design and stylish interior. The overall length of Ocean Emerald is 41.00 m, while the length between perpendiculars is 35.00 m. The moulded beam is 8.40 m and the maximum summer draft is 2.40 m. The hull and super-structure are made by aluminum and the gross tonnage is 350 GRT. Ocean Emerald has capacity for 12 passengers into 5 suites with luxury interior and wonderful ocean-view. The yacht design is created with maximized natural light by incorporating extensive floor-to-ceiling windows. Also the architects used a walls of light-colored hardwoods with high-gloss finishes to improve the brightness. The wooden interior makes the style more cozy and people on board can feel more comfortable. The large aft terrace has enough space for dinner, coffee time or even a party, as the wide window doors can improve its size. The yacht has a lot of entertainments and equipment for diving, water sports and fishing.
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24 Oct

Sacajawea hatteras yachtSacajawea is super-yacht built in the yard of the famous yacht builder – Hatteras. The yacht is from special line Hatteras 130, specially designed for a customer and his needs. The yacht Sacajawea has overall length of 39.60 m, moulded beam of 7.25 m and maximum summer draft of 2.25 m. With such measurements the yacht has gross tonnage of 265 GRT and capacity for 10 passengers in 5 double staterooms. The yacht actually is really comfortable, luxury and nice for cruises. Sacajawea has a lot of public places with many entertainments, such as Jacuzzi, Seabob, great sunbathing lounge and outside dining place. The interior is created by the designer Dee Robinson Interiors and combines the impressive style and combination of luxury modern furniture with impressive Italian design. Also on board of the super-yacht, the guests can enjoy a large and comfortable lobby with sofas for meetings and etc. The dinner has amazing sea-view and and really enough space for all the guests. The guests will be served by 7 crew members, who will care for the nice and beautiful cruise.
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23 Oct

Mogambo superyachtMogambo is large, comfortable and really attractive yacht, which has overall length of 73.55 m, moulded beam of 12.50 m and summer draft of 3.65 m. With such dimensions the yacht has deadweight of 205 DWT and gross tonnage of 1,682 GRT with capacity for 12 guests in 6 double cabins. The yacht is really luxury and part from the fleet of Hill Robinson Yacht Management Consultants and available for charter at about 550 thousand EUR per week. Mogambo is the winner of World Super-Yacht award for 2013 and its interior design combines a subtle African theme and the modern furniture. The yacht was built in 2012 at Nobiskrug Yard in Rendsburg, Germany. The vessel was built according to the latest interior and exterior design trends in yacht-building, but also implements the most modern technologies in navigation and marine engineering. Mogambo offer high class of service, provided by 17 crew members and a lot of attractions, such as restaurant, private cinema, jacuzzi, fitness and beauty salons and spa procedures. Also there is equipment for water sports and diving. Definitely the guests of the super-yacht will enjoy a fantastic cruise and will have really amazing time on board.
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Lady Moura

16 Oct

Lady MouraLady Moura is super-yacht, which is property of the Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid. The yacht was launched in 1990 and built by Blohm & Voss GmbH in their shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. At the day of launching the super-yacht was the largest private vessel in operation. The overall length of Lady Moura is 104.85 m, the beam is 19.00 m and the draft is 5.40 m. With such dimensions the yacht has gross tonnage of 6,359 GRT and capacity for 12 passengers with double occupancy. Of course the staterooms of the guests are amazing with own ocean-view and large balconies. In addition the yacht offers high comfort for the guests and a lot of attractions. On board there is fitness hall, cinema and art gallery. All the interior is trying to show majesty and luxury. There are a lot of gold ornaments, wooden furniture from highest class. Even the name and the escutcheon that can be seen at port, starboard and at Stern are carved in 24 carat gold. Lady Moura has two bars, restaurant and conference room. The yacht is not just luxury, but one of the most impressive vessel built ever.
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